Currently the bot is able to trade XBTUSD & ETHUSD perpetual contracts on Bitmex.
Currently the bot uses a 2x isolated leverage on bitmex. We will be adding customization in the future.
No, the bot will trade both pairs automatically. We will be adding a function on the trading panel to select which pairs are you interested to trade on Bitmex in the future!
Yes, the bot will use your available balance between the available trades to maximize profitability in the account.
No, Bitmex only allows BTC deposits and the bot will care about trading the pair correctly alone!
Yes, the UCTS Bitmex bot is based on UCTS indicator signals (https://www.tradingview.com/script/F9aop8za-Ultimate-Crypto-Trading-Strategy-By-CryptoNTez/) and the trades will happen around this signals aswell!