UCTS Trading Bot is Entirely Cloud-based, no installation and no hassles, all the trading operation will be done in our background servers.


We do not accept and/or store your funds on our accounts. UCTS Trading Bot works with your account APIs all time.

Low Risk

UCTS Trading Bot uses the proven UCTS indicator as support for each trade to get you the best profitability out of the best market opportunities.

Easy to Use

Our platform is simple and intuitive, making it quick and easy to use to either experienced or beginner traders.

Track Record

UCTS Trading Bot is based on proven algorithms that work on minimizing risks and aiming for long term profitability, by taking the best opportunities, automatically locking profits. Check the details below for an overview of UCTS Trading Bot track record from its initial version.


Safety and Ease of Use

With UCTS Trading Bot investors only have to link their BitMEX/Binance account to the platform. From then on, as soon as our top performance algorithm identifies a profitable opportunity an orders will be automatically executed on the investors’ account.

The entirely cloud-based platform will allow you to active your account without installing any app.

UCTS Trading Bot only requires order access - we will never request withdrawal permissions to your trading account. We recommend you don't create new or modify existing orders in your BitMEX/Binance account that is linked to the UCTS Trading Bot .